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It is considered that men are stronger than women, more active, more successful in social and political life. They have higher salaries and they often become leaders. Nature also gave men high sexuality. In contrast with ladies, their sexual function is not limited with age. While female have a menopause after 45, men at this age show great sexual activity. However, recently researches shocked the world – over 50% of men have different stages of ED and their erection is not good enough to make a sexual intercourse! These guys hide the trouble from the relatives, partners and family. They seek for Viagra and Cialis for sale and start secretly taking the medication for the better potency. They do envy their friends bragging with sexual victories, and get depressed and stressed.

Although male andropause exists as well, it is likely an exception to the rule. The presence of stress, nervous tension and excessive emotionality may well provoke it. Frequent failures in sexual relationships with a beloved woman may be caused not only by psychological reasons (it happens mostly to younger men), but physiological factors. With age, the level of testosterone in the male body becomes lower. This phenomenon depends on the age, however, mature and even elderly men who are active sexually also exist. These guys do not ever look online for Levitra, Viagra or Cialis for sale cheap. These lucky men simply do not guess that half of their buddies suffer from ED or/and have an andropause.

After conducting several tests, scientists from Europe have calculated – six out of ten men have ED and/or andropause. Japanese researchers have also confirmed the curious fact that the hard work and excessive emotional stress lead to a decrease of testosterone levels, which provokes an andropause and affects an erection as well. Thus, frequent stress can cause not only intimate troubles, but constant problems with male potency. Luckily, today all men with ED who have no contraindications for medications enhancing potency, can find Cialis pills for sale and start taking low doses of the stuff to feel rock hard again. Dietologists also recommend these men supporting good potency eating the following products: - Celery; - Pomegranate; - Garlic; - Watermelon; - Banana; - Ginger; - Onions; - Avocado; - Oysters